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Back to school is an exciting but demanding time in a student’s life. With new responsibilities, it is essential to be well prepared to make returning to school a success.


The first step to success is to attend class regularly. The classroom is where teachers impart their knowledge and explain key concepts, making it an essential part of your learning.


Attending class will allow you to benefit from direct explanations from your teachers, helping you grasp key points and allowing you to understand the fundamentals necessary for your progress.


Do not hesitate to ask questions during classes, as this helps show your interest and commitment to your studies. 


Your professors are there to help you, and asking questions will allow you to clarify any doubts, deepen your knowledge, and will provide opportunities for interaction with your classmates.


In addition to attending class regularly, it is essential to develop a study method that suits you. This will help you better understand and retain important information, take effective notes, and complete course assignments.


Don’t forget to find a study environment that is conducive to your concentration. Identify the times of day when you are most productive and choose a quiet, well-lit place to work. 

Be consistent throughout the year

In order to stay consistent throughout the year and maintain a regular study discipline, it is important to put in place strategies and motivations that keep you inspired and happy.


Define clear and specific objectives for each study period. Whether it’s finishing a chapter, reviewing a certain number of pages, or achieving a certain score on an exam, these goals will help you focus and measure your progress. 


Celebrate each small victory to motivate you to keep going.


Think about your personal motivations and career plans: Why are you studying? What are your long-term goals? 


If you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you will be more motivated to enjoy studying. Remind yourself regularly why you chose your studies and imagine yourself achieving your career goals.


According to Giorgio Genaus, a professor, author, and passionate coach who helps leaders find meaning and fulfillment in life, there are several reasons why someone may start to feel unmotivated. In a recent Forbes article, Genaus notes that the best way to overcome a lack of motivation is to look back and see how things have changed.


New to college?

Starting college often means becoming more independent. 


If you are moving to a new city to study, make sure to find out the best way to get to class and get accustomed to your living arrangements. 


Whether it’s household matters or the materials you’ll need for classes, it will be easier to focus on your studies if you’ve taken care of all the little day-to-day concerns ahead of time.


By Andreina Ibarra

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