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In the month of July, Santillana will be celebrating the wonderful, varied cultures of Latin America! Today, we’ll be sharing some of Loqueleo’s most amazing Mexican authors. While this piece only highlights four outstanding figures, you can check out all of Santillana’s Mexican authors and their comical and delightful books at Santillana USA and Loqueleo USA.

Keep reading to learn about four stand-out Mexican authors in children’s literature!

Author #1: Margarita Robleda 

Photo: Margarita Robleda/ Facebook

One of Santillana & Loqueleo’s most published Mexican authors, Margarita Robleda, is known for enchanting children of all ages with her splendid tales. With more than a dozen published works, Robleda continues to delight children, parents, and educators!

Paco: A Latino Boy in the United States (ages 8+)

Paco, a young Latino boy who recently migrated with his family to the United States, is asked to write an autobiography for a school assignment. In this honest, comical anecdote, the protagonist moves readers by addressing cultural and ethnic pride and the value of family.

Looking to introduce your students or children to advanced, hot-button topics? Pick up a copy of Paco: A Latino Boy in the United States—and check out Robleda’s other works as well!

Author #2: M. B. Brozon

Bolita (ages 6+)

With more than 50,000 copies sold, Bolita is one of the most popular children books addressing the subjects of self-esteem, identity, and bullying.

The day that Bolita is born, everyone in the zoo is taken aback by her weight. Despite Mama Giraffe being ecstatic with her baby girl, emotions of sadness and inferiority begin stirring up in Bolita when she notices that everyone is mocking her. Suddenly, Bolita’s close friend has an idea: to dress her up as an elephant!

Looking to teach your students or children the importance of self-love? Pick up a copy of Bolita—and check out Brozon’s other works as well!

Author #3: Anna Lavatelli

Maestro y otros cuentos (ages 8+)

Manuel is a teacher who’s about to teach for the first time, Virginia is a curious young girl who discovers a magical place, and Miguelito is a young boy who has left school to work. In Lavatelli’s most enchanting novel, readers are taken on a journey that invites them to reflect on acceptance, tolerance, and human rights.

Looking to introduce your students or children to topics regarding human rights? Pick up a copy of Maestro y otros cuentos—and check out Lavatelli’s other works as well!

Author #4: Leonor Bravo Velasquez

Yo te quiero siempre (ages 4+)

A story that addresses the importance of understanding and honesty in communication, Yo te quiero siempre urges parents to be open and loving with their children, regardless of imperfect behaviors or moods.

Looking to teach your students or children the importance of communication? Pick up a copy of Yo te quiero siempre—and check out Velasquez’s other works as well!

All four of these books address important, mature topics and serve as great tools to teach children. To learn more about these titles and our K–5 Spanish Literacy Kit, contact us at 800-245-8584 or at

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