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Dynamic Online Language Learning in the 21st Century: Guiding Principles

Part 3: Guiding Principles of Online Language Learning

Is online language learning really all that different from learning a language in the classroom? In her third webinar, Donna Marqués addresses this question head on. We all know that the online learning environment is different from a traditional setting, but we sometimes forget that the desired results are the same. Classroom teachers strive to make sure their students become proficient in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They want their students to feel comfortable using the target language, to be culturally competent, and to believe in the importance of expanding their horizons. Teachers in an online setting have the same goals and are working toward the same outcomes.

But, you may ask, if I’m teaching online how will I know if I’m achieving the results I want? Or, can I really trust the outcomes if my students are not being assessed in the classroom under my watchful eye? By the end of this webinar, Donna Marqués will answer both of these questions by sharing her own experience of what works and what doesn’t when assessing students online. She will even convince you that online teachers can ensure the integrity of their test results by using new types of assessments and tweaking the traditional ones. You will also learn the most effective ways to communicate your requirements to help students be successful. Lastly, Donna addresses how you can give meaningful feedback to the class and/or individual students just like you would in a classroom setting.

Donna’s simple, practical, and established methods for teaching and assessing students in an online setting will clear your doubts. The guiding principles to be discussed here will illuminate the possibilities and encourage a new way of thinking, as well as help you feel less overwhelmed about learning a language online. 

Watch the webinar here! 

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