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6 Teacher Tips for a Manageable Morning Routine

Morning Routine

By Kelli Drummer-Avendano

Going back to school after summer vacation always comes with a period of adjustment, but this year poses its own unique challenges. Since most schools experienced some disruption due to the pandemic, it may take more time to get used to a school-day morning routine. Get the most out of your a.m. with these 6 habits.

Wake up 10-15 minutes earlier

I know this sounds like a lot to ask, especially when you’re already waking up before most people, but giving yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning will make a noticeable difference. Take this time to enjoy a cup of coffee, stretch, do a quick workout, or set your intentions for the day. You’ll also feel less stressed knowing you have an extra cushion of time if you need to leave the house a little earlier because of traffic or bad weather.

Make breakfast the night before

Perhaps you think there’s not enough time to eat breakfast, but if you make it the night before, it could be as simple as taking a jar out of the fridge. Besides, if you follow tip #1, you’ll have more time in the morning to enjoy a quick meal. A few ideas for make-ahead breakfasts are overnight oats, smoothies, homemade granola bars, whole wheat blueberry muffins, and hard-boiled eggs.

Minimize distractions

I know it can be tempting, but don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning. Even if you’re sure you can resist going on social media or checking your email, your phone is a reminder of these things and all the stress that comes with them. Using your phone as an alarm clock is fine if you set it aside as soon as you wake up.


If you have to get other people ready and out the door in the morning besides yourself then, whenever possible, delegate responsibilities to others. If there’s another adult who can help, have him or she makes the coffee or take out the dog. Children as young as kindergarten can toast their own waffles or grab a yogurt out of the fridge for breakfast. Delegating tasks can start the night before, as well, by making sure everyone has their own bags packed and clothes laid out to wear.

Sleep well and drink water 

It’ll be challenging to have a smooth morning routine without a good night’s sleep. Try to remember this when deciding whether to watch the next episode of your favorite show or turn in for the night. Another simple tip is to drink a glass of water when you first wake up. This will give you more energy by rehydrating your body after 7 to 8 hours (hopefully) of sleep.

Get inspired

If you don’t consider yourself an early bird, it might be difficult to feel motivated in the morning. Try reading your favorite inspirational quotes about teaching to give you an extra dose of purpose. You could also create a virtual vision board on your phone or laptop for encouragement on those mornings when facing a classroom of students seems like an impossible feat.

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