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Federal EL Funding Increase: Congress Eyes $1 Billion Funding Level for English Learner Programs

Federal EL Funding Increase Congress Eyes $1 Billion Funding Level for English Learner Programs

Legislation Would Raise Annual Title III, Part A Funding to Record Level


English language learner (EL) programs may be in for another boost of federal education support this year. Under legislation moving forward on Capitol Hill, Title III, Part A funding to support EL programs would increase from $831 million annually to $1 billion—a record level.

Federal support for ELs has rapidly increased in recent years. If approved, the latest proposal would mean that funding for Title III, Part A would be up by 27% since 2020.

The proposal is part of a legislative package now making its way through the US House of Representatives. The measure, which includes fiscal year 2023 funding for all US Department of Education programs, was recently approved by the House Appropriations Committee.

The next stop for the legislation is the full House of Representatives. Once approved, the bill would move to the Senate for consideration. The federal fiscal year for 2023 begins October 1 of this year.

Title III, Part A plays a key role in supporting the education of ELs in the nation’s schools. The program provides ELs and immigrant students, teachers, and parents an array of opportunities, including:

  • High-quality language instruction programs grounded in research designed to increase English proficiency and student achievement
  • Access to high-quality instructional materials designed specifically to support EL students and teachers
  • Professional development for classroom teachers, administrators, and other school or community-based personnel
  • Tutorials, mentoring, and academic or career counseling for students
  • Community-based family literacy programs, parent outreach, and training activities designed to assist parents in becoming active participants in their children’s learning

Future blogs in this series will take a look at the K–12 programs that support language learners and their teachers, as well as recent funding increases at the state and federal levels.


By Jay A. Diskey


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