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Interactive Role-Play Activities: Halloween en la Casa Embrujada

Here is a fun treat! Take the spooky route on a fun interactive activity in the classroom this October! The below interactive role-play activities not only enhance students’ conversational skills but also allows them to engage with Halloween-themed vocabulary and phrases in a fun and practical context. With the provided dialogue below, choose from the list of interactive role-play activities or make them your own to use in your classroom!



Personaje 1 (P1): ¡Hola! ¿Estás listo para la fiesta de Halloween en la casa embrujada? (Hello! Are you ready for the Halloween party at the haunted house?)

Personaje 2 (P2): ¡Hola! Sí, estoy emocionado. ¿Qué vamos a hacer allí? (Hello! Yes, I’m excited. What are we going to do there?)

P1: ¡Genial! Primero, vamos a tener una búsqueda del tesoro. Necesitamos encontrar pistas para descubrir el premio escondido. (Great! First, we’re going to have a treasure hunt. We need to find clues to discover the hidden prize.)

P2: ¡Suena divertido! ¿Y después? (Sounds fun! And then?)

P1: Después, vamos a contar historias de miedo alrededor de la fogata. ¡Prepárate para escuchar historias escalofriantes! (Afterwards, we’re going to tell scary stories around the bonfire. Get ready to hear spooky tales!)

P2: ¡Uf, espero no asustarme demasiado! Pero eso suena emocionante. ¿Habrá comida? (Phew, I hope I don’t get too scared! But that sounds exciting. Will there be food?)

P1: ¡Por supuesto! Tendremos una mesa llena de dulces y postres temáticos de Halloween. Y también podrás decorar tu propia calabaza. (Of course! We’ll have a table full of Halloween-themed candies and desserts. And you’ll also get to decorate your own pumpkin.)

P2: ¡Eso suena increíble! ¿Qué disfraz vas a llevar? (That sounds amazing! What costume are you going to wear?)

P1: ¡Es una sorpresa! Pero te aseguro que va a ser aterrador. ¡Nos vemos en la casa embrujada! (It’s a surprise! But I assure you, it’s going to be terrifying. See you at the haunted house!)

P2: ¡Nos vemos allí! ¡No puedo esperar! (See you there! I can’t wait!)


Interactive Role-Play Activity:

      1.  Fill in the Blanks: Provide students with the dialogue, but with certain lines left blank. Students need to fill in the missing words based on the context provided.


      2.  Pair Role-Play: Divide the students into pairs. Assign one student to play “Personaje 1” and the other to play “Personaje 2.” Have them practice the dialogue together, using their own names and personal touches.


      3.  Alternative Endings: Challenge students to come up with alternative endings to the dialogue. What other activities could they suggest for the Halloween party? Encourage creativity and vocabulary use.


      4.  Group Extension: Have a group discussion after the role-play. Ask students about their own Halloween plans and traditions. Encourage them to use the vocabulary and phrases from the dialogue in their responses.



By Kishory Murray


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