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By- Erika Semprun

Summertime is loved by children, parents, and teachers alike. But as great as summer vacation is, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of going back to school on that very first day: new school supplies, new classes, and even new friends.

There’s no denying that this feeling changes as we get older, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other reasons to feel enthusiastic about the new school year. Today, Vista Higher Learning is sharing five reasons to look forward to the upcoming school year.

#1- Making New Memories

The new school year means making new memories with your teachers, classmates, and friends. And while it may be difficult to be enthusiastic about attending the classes you do not particularly enjoy, it’s much better to do so with friends who are going through the same experience. Another important tip: Look into joining clubs and organizations. It’s in those groups that you’ll likely make the best memories.

#2- Forging New Friendships

A new school year means meeting new people, so take the opportunity to make new friendships. Be kind to the people who sit around you, communicate with your classmates, and strike up a conversation with people you haven’t met before.

#3- Learning New Concepts

Another reason to look forward to the upcoming school year is the chance to learn new concepts. You may recall a lesson from previous years that has inexplicably stayed with you, maybe a story or a piece of art. There may well be things that stick with you this time around, too—all it takes is being open to the possibility of seeing the world from a new perspective.

#4- Strengthening Your Mind

A great reason to be enthusiastic about going back to school is the chance to build on the lessons you learned last year. There’s no feeling like mastering new information!

#5- Getting Closer to Accomplishing a Milestone

If you’re still skeptical about going back to school, just remember that you’re one step closer to reaching your milestone. Whether it’s middle school graduation or your Ph.D., no accomplishment is too small or too big.

Can you think of any other reasons to be excited about the new year? Chat with us on social media and check out other articles in Spanish Classroom for more information!


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