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The Papá y mamá Libraries for grades K–2 and grades 3–5 are fabulous 5-title collections that celebrate family love and everything that makes them great.

For Grades K-2

Celebrate Family and Loved Ones!  

Free Character Emotions Anchor Chart

¿Dónde está mamá?

Ecuadorian author María Fernanda Heredia tells children about a place where all the mothers in the world can be found; it’s a special place that only they know about . . . When children discover it, they can find their moms any time they need her by their side.

¡Lorenza, bájate del perro!

In this story, Mexican author Toño Malpica celebrates the love of Lorenza and her dad. Lorenza is a whirlwind of a little girl who does not like to wear shoes and loves to eat toothpaste. As a single dad, keeping up with Lorenza is not an easy task, but her father believes that those experiences, whether they make him smile or cry, make his life complete.


For Grades 3-5 

Guess Who’s the Best!

Free Fact and Opinion Anchor Chart

El mejor es mi papá 

Puerto Rico’s best-selling author, Georgina Lázaro León, delights us with this warm and loving tale about the relationship between father and child. Through fun, beautiful verses, each character gives us reasons why they think their father is the best.

Las cortinas rojas

This book by Argentinian author Margarita Mainé tells the story of Ema’s family, who have no choice but to move out of their nice apartment and into a new place. Ema doesn’t like the new neighborhood, so she puts up some pretty red curtains to avoid the view. But, can a family live without ever looking out?

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