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4 End-of-Year Traditions for New Teachers

The final day of class is quickly approaching, and if you’re a new teacher you may be wondering how to make the last moments together memorable. Here are four activities worth keeping around year after year.


  1. Class Photo

Even if you’ve already taken a traditional class photo, grab your class and head outside for photo shoot that’s more relaxed. Take a serious one first, then get silly and have some fun! If possible, you can print a copy for each student, email the photo to their parent/guardian, or post on the school website.


  1. Compliment Cookie

Have students cut out a paper circle as big as their desk, which will be their oversized cookie. Then, give them smaller circles in a different color that will serve as “chips.” Students should have enough “chips” to write a compliment on them for each classmate. Students can walk around the room and glue their compliments onto each other’s cookies.


  1. Clean Sweep

If you haven’t noticed already, classrooms take a beating throughout the year and can get dirty. While cleaning may not sound like an exciting activity, if you make it a competition students will buy in on the game. Set a timer for 10 minutes, assign a section of the room to a team of students, and see who wins. You can even have silly prize, such as a trophy made from discarded school supplies.


  1. Reflect

Students can benefit from reflecting about their school year just the same as teachers can. A week or two before school lets out, set aside part of a day for individual and group reflection. A question for students to answer on their own might be, “What were some of the most challenging moments and what made them so?” If students feel comfortable, they can share their responses with a partner. A worthwhile question for the whole class to discuss would be, “How will I use what I learned this year outside the classroom?”


By Kelli Drummer-Avendano

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