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Four Reasons to Be Grateful for Teachers

By- Erika Semprun

Summer may be approaching, but that doesn’t mean that a teacher’s job is over. In fact, this month, teachers all across the U.S. are being celebrated and admired for their hard work. Here are a couple of reasons why students and parents should admire their community’s educators.


While many believe that being a teacher is easy, that’s actually not the case at all! Being an educator requires immense dedication. When teachers are not in the classroom with their students, they’re creating and developing lesson plans, figuring out ways to connect with their students, and going over class assignments. Because of the workload, this profession makes it difficult for educators to have free time. Think about this the next time you take a teacher for granted!


Apart from taking up a lot of time, teaching is often quite complicated. This profession is frequently tailored to and designed for different specific groups—and sometimes even for specific students. Teachers have to evolve constantly, alwaysfinding new ways of connecting with their group, especially because not all students learn at the same pace or in the same way. For instance, while some may learn best by following along with a lecture, another group may require hands-on activities.


Have you ever wondered why anyone goes into teaching? Is it the pay? Or are there other rewards that come with the job?

The reason most teachers go into education is because they genuinely care about students, their education, and their success. Teachers are rarely fully compensated for their hard work. Most of the time, their main rewards are knowing that they’re making a difference and that their students are learning.  For this reason alone, teachers deserve our admiration.


In addition to being a teacher, an educator also makes it a priority to see that their students are feeling well. For this reason, teachers are a great person for students to turn to if they’re experiencing a problem or going through a rough time. Most teachers do this job because they care about their students, so keep that in mind when you’re looking for someone to show you some kindness or when you need to be heard.

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