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JNCL-NCLIS language at the intersection interview series

Vista Higher Learning is proud to sponsor the JNCL-NCLIS Language at the Intersection Insights Interview Series 

This past February at the JNCL-NCLIS annual Language Advocacy Days event, they showcased the stories of professionals from various fields whose work depends on multilingualism, and explored how language intersects with their abilities to create opportunities, build relationships, and address needs in the work they do.


At Vista Higher Learning, we are passionate about the future of language education and its growing importance to economic growth, global citizenship and access to opportunity in the 21st century. We believe it is an important time to come together as a language community, share best practices and highlight “what works” in student recruitment, retention and language program growth. Learn more about our commitment here

Testimonials are key to the success of language programs, as well as advocacy campaigns to showcase to students how languages intersect with all professional fields, opening doors for a better future as we understand others and expand our knowledge of who we are and the various cultures around us.


Vista Higher Learning, through this exclusive sponsorship of JNCL-NCLIS’ initiative, is proud to present the extended release of their stories through the Language at the Intersection Insights Interview Series to highlight how multilingualism moves our world. Click here to learn more and to watch these interviews!

We thank JNCL-NCLIS for this opportunity and we ask faculty at all levels to share these interviews with students, colleagues, administrators, and friends to support this important initiative. 

Stay tuned for the release of new interviews and more in our next newsletter! 

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