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Teaching for the Long Term Memory, Part 2

By Krista Chambless

In my webinar “Teaching for Long-Term Memory Part 1” I present the first 3 steps of the learning process and how they apply to the WL classroom. “Teaching for Long-Term Memory Part 2” is the continuation of my discussion of the learning process. These presentations are based on the book How to Teach so Students Remember  (second edition) by Marilee Sprenger. 

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Exciting News: Santillana USA Social Media Platforms Will Become Vista Higher Learning Pre-K-12 Platforms. What This Means to You…

You probably already know that Santillana USA became part of the Vista Higher Learning family last summer, creating the only specialized Pre-K – 20 World Language publisher in the United States. We’re excited to announce that Santillana USA social media platforms will now become Vista Higher Learning platforms and include more language solutions for your students!

Most of you have been reading our blog and social media networks for years and have been following us on this exciting journey. We want to thank you for always supporting us. That’s why we want to offer you a better social media experience, integrating more products and resources in all of our social networks.

Here’s what to expect:

Our social media platforms will become more specialized than ever. We’ll have different accounts for the two markets:

Vista Higher Learning Higher Ed

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