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K–M Guided Reading Kit

Keep growing your Spanish-language library with the K–M Guided Reading Kit, which includes 114 titles, both original texts, and high-quality translations. Your students’ curiosity for reading will grow along with their competency, as they delve into the high-interest fiction and nonfiction topics.

The natural world can be at your students’ fingertips when they read about insects, marine life, and other wild animals with titles like Abejas, hormigas, termitas: insectos que viven en familia; Las ballenas y otros mamíferos marinos; and Lobo, ¿quién eres?

It is important that  historical and civic matters are made accessible through titles that are leveled just for your students. A few examples include Inmigrantes famosos y sus historias, La primera caminata lunar, and Refugiados.

In addittion, students can dream about their future careers while enjoying the Un día de trabajo books, including Un día de trabajo de un astrónomo and Un día de trabajo de un biólogo molecular.

K–M Guided Reading Kit: has many books

What’s more, readers can visualize and understand complex scientific topics with the help of talented authors and illustrators. A perfect example of this is the book Si tú fueras la Luna. Author Laura Purdie Salas’s magical way of explaining the Moon’s many activities pairs perfectly with Jaime Kim’s playful illustrations.  

On the fiction side, there are however humor and heart abound in titles by Alma Flor Ada. ¿Pavo para la Cena de Gracias? ¡No, gracias! tells of a spider who tries to teach a turkey to fly.

La Jaula Dorada is a sweet story about a boy a his grandmother

In other words La jaula dorada is a sweet story about a boy and his grandmother. Readers will also delight in the popular Judy Moody books in this kit, including Judy Moody va a la universidad, and  Judy Moody & Stink: La loca, loca búsqueda del tesoro.

Lee una muestra aquí: 

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By Kelli Drummer-Avendano

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