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By Ángela Padrón

Mother’s Day is a day to honor mothers. In the United States, it’s celebrated on the second Sunday in May. Traditionally, people recognize their mothers by giving gifts, cards and flowers, taking their mothers out to eat, or helping around the house so their moms can have a day of relaxation.

Mother’s Day came about in the 1900s when a woman named Anna Jarvis wanted to honor the sacrifices that mothers make to care for their children. She campaigned to newspapers and politicians to adopt a special day to honor mothers. By 1912, many states had recognized Mother’s Day as a holiday. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared that Mother’s Day would be a national holiday.

Mother’s Day is observed in different ways all over the world. Here are some different ways that people honor their mothers in other countries:

  • In India, people hold a festival in October called Durga Puja. It’s to honor Durga, the goddess of mothers. During the ten days of the festival, people decorate their homes, buy gifts, and prepare food for a feast.
  • In Japan, Mother’s Day is celebrated in March. Children give their parents carnations as a symbol of sweetness and endurance.
  • In Ethiopia, people celebrate the Antrosht festival in the fall. Family members gather for a feast that including vegetables, cheese, and meat. They sing and dance while telling family stories.
  • In the United Kingdom, the fourth Sunday of Lent is called “Mothering Sunday.” Families attend church services together, and some children give daffodils or bake a special fruitcake for their mothers.
  • In France, people honor their mothers with a cake shaped like flowers. Other gifts include chocolates, perfume, cosmetics, and original poems.


No matter how or when Mother’s Day is celebrated, it’s important to recognize the sacrifices and efforts mothers make to care for their children. Whether they receive a tangible gift or are shown a gesture of affection, mothers will appreciate any token of recognition for all the hard work it takes to be a mom.



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