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You Can Be in Two Places at One Time: Dual Modality Teaching and Learning (Part 2)


If your school’s plan for the fall includes a hybrid design for student learning, you won’t want to miss the second part of the webinar series called You Can Be In Two Places At One Time: Dual Modality Teaching and Learning. In this installment, you’ll be given in-depth instruction on how to design a syllabus for delivery across multiple pathways, as well as review some best practices for lesson planning.


The good news, as the presenters are quick to point out, is that creating a multimodality syllabus is like working with building blocks—blocks you can take from the class syllabus you already have. The main components you need are: course information, course format, communication plan, course calendar, grading criteria, and secrets to student success. As you can see, the syllabus structure is very similar to the one you’ve probably been using for your in-person classes. The webinar presenters then go over what you may need to add, take away, or adjust to fit the multimodality format.


The section on lesson planning for multimodal delivery also brings good news to a stressful situation. Your learning goals and desired outcomes will be the same no matter how students are accessing the course. If you begin with those in mind when planning instruction, it will be easier to imagine or reimagine how to get students to those outcomes. In some cases, students across modalities will be able to engage in the same activities; in other instances, they’ll have different ways of arriving at the same goal.


As with the first part of the webinar, after watching you’ll feel more prepared to teach in this new space and comforted in knowing you aren’t alone on the journey.



Watch the webinar!



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