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Preparing For The End Of The School Year (2)


In the last blog, you developed a general “CAN-DO” student checklist of statements to rate to what extent students acquired certain aspects of Spanish based on their proficiency level. Let’s reverse that and see how students self-assess themselves. This will provide you with some feedback. For example, if several students marked “NO” for an item, this may indicate that this item needs some adjustment in the delivery of instruction.

Think about the Essential Knowledge and Skills  and specific performance/proficiency objectives for the grade level. For example, the new EKS designate Level 1 proficiency as ranging from Novice Mid to Novice High. For Level 2, proficiency ranges from Novice High to Intermediate Low. Below are some examples.

Respond (0)  No     (1) Fair     (2) Good     (3) Very Good

___     I can describe my family and myself to others orally and/or in writing.

___     I can talk about my friends and tell what we like to do.

___     I can write about my daily life at home and school activities.

___     I can express how I feel and how I feel about others.

___     I can express what I like and dislike.

___     I can identify major historical events such as el 16 de septiembre.

___     I can ask and answer questions regarding familiar topics like sports, food, pastimes, etc.

___     I can tell time and dates, and describe weather conditions.

___     I can write about a cultural aspect such as a quinceañera.


List other things that you can do orally or in writing in Spanish.




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