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Maria J. Fierro-Treviño

Whether you’ve been in the classroom one year or 15 years, Spanish teachers are always searching for up-to-date information on teaching Spanish. Welcome to the new blog site that provides a wide variety of information about teaching Spanish, implementing national standards, developing classroom activities, designing classes and curriculum for Spanish for Spanish-speakers, reading tips for teaching certain topics, and much more.

When you teach Spanish, you are prepared to engage your students in exciting experiences where they will learn to speak, read, listen, and write Spanish. Think about your experiences in learning Spanish in high school and college.  What were they like? Compare the classes you enjoyed and those that were not so memorable. Now think about which teacher you want to imitate, because he/she made the class exciting and challenging.  Always keep this in mind, so that you do not become one of those “not so memorable teachers.”

Teaching languages has evolved and we as teachers must evolve also.  It doesn’t mean that we get rid of all of the previous “stuff” we learned, but that we take the best and mix it with the new to make it better.  I’ve been around awhile and have seen teaching methods come and go. Each method has had a unique twist that worked well for its time, but current methods are much more appealing and practical.  <<Oh!  If I only knew way back then what I know now!!>>

Some things to remember that will help you:

  • Approach each school year with excitement.
  • Remember the great teachers that inspired you and strive to be like them adding your own style of teaching Spanish.
  • Think about all of the great things that you’ll be able to share with your students to help them learn Spanish.
  • Apply new ideas that you have learned in staff development sessions.
  • Implement the National Standards for Foreign Language Education: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.
  • Attend regional and state conferences, if possible, in order to network with other teachers.

Have fun this school year.  Check us out during the school year for tips, activities, and more.

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