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Spanish your way

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf!”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

As with surfing, teaching a new language can be difficult and complex; the swell of the wave constantly changing leaving us caught inside the perfect wave–trapped between the shore and the oncoming breaking waves. Vista Higher Learning embraces the quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn above by providing the board and techniques on which we can surf to the finish line with three options for middle and high school Spanish—Descubre, Senderos, or Encuentros. Not only will you be ready to catch the epic wave every day, but you’ll be prepared to cutback when the waves and tides change.

Choosing the ‘right’ board will be your game changer. Descubre, Senderos, and Encuentros all offer a multitude of cultural and authentic media with scaffolded activities to meet the needs of your students. Through varied activities and approaches, students will experience grammar, vocabulary, and interpersonal communication that foster growth and proficiency. Which board will you choose to be perfectly placed in the line up?

Descubre’s long board is the most traditional and it’s context-based approach. It provides students with a variety of text, audio, and online learning opportunities, while preparing them for Advanced Placement studies at a quicker pace. Senderos is the boogie board. It’s perfect for the classroom with a wide range of learners, as it’s context-centered approach and slower pace gives ample time for mastery and proficiency.

Spanish culture and communication is the focus of the Encuentros funboard. Students will develop strong interpersonal and linguistic proficiency with a focus on the AP® themes right from the start as they embark on fun-filled journeys throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Which Vista Higher Learning board will help you pop up and ride to shore? Any of the boards offered won’t leave you feeling like a Junkyard Dogthe decision is up to you.

Want to become the best surfer in the world and experience the thrill of hanging ten and the exhilaration of being stoked? Join the Vista Higher Learning family and enjoy the benefits of unconditional and continued support for the length of your adoption. Catch the wave with us!

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