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Over the past year, schools have had to adjust to educating in different ways. Online learning has provided an opportunity for teachers and ELLs to explore various methods of presenting and absorbing information when they are not able to meet face to face.

It’s important for media to support learning in an engaging way without causing burn out or screen fatigue for both adults and children. 

In the Get Ready! Sail and Soar programs for beginner ELLs, lessons are available in a variety of media formats to address this issue.

All of the information in the program is organized through links that are easily navigable. There are Vocabulary and Phonics tutorials that provide practice and reinforcement of necessary foundational reading skills. Video virtual chat activities help develop listening and speaking skills.

In addition, Get Ready! provides audio recordings to present a model for pronunciation and fluency. Animated Grammar Tutorials present grammar rules using fun explanations.

Furthermore, students learn how to compare the use of various media formats to portray literary texts and information. Through activities that promote the use of academic language, students learn to analyze media in a critical way. 

Today, children are exposed to more technology than ever before. From computers to tablets to smart phones, technology is available in all forms at the touch of a finger.

Not only is it important for students to learn how to use this technology, but it’s also important for them to see technology as a tool to help them further their education and develop the skills necessary to succeed in today’s global society and economy. 

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