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Anne Silva

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8, 2020. But we figure that one week isn’t NEARLY enough time to show our appreciation for all that you do, so we’re celebrating Teacher Appreciation MONTH for the whole month of May. Go big or go home, right?

Here at Vista Higher Learning, we’ve been busy planning a month full of gratitude for what we truly consider to be the most noble profession. We look forward to special posts, and other treats to show you just how much we appreciate your dedication to your students, your communities, and your subject matter. We also invite you to participate in our community: chat with other teachers on our Facebook page, follow our Twitter feed, share anything you see with a teacher who may be feeling a bit stressed out this May.

At this point in the year, you’re probably running on fumes, and we want to become the place of refuge for teachers who need an understanding ear, a positive message, a laugh, or just to know that they aren’t alone. Check back here often to join in the party!

We were going to start a list of the “Top Ten Reasons We Appreciate Teachers”… but we don’t honestly know that we could ever stop at ten. So here go an assortment of reasons, in no particular order. Check back periodically as we expand on this list, and please let us know YOUR reasons!

  1. Because you are shaping future world citizens. (No pressure.)
  2. Because you encourage students to do their best and never give up.
  3. Because you get excited about verbs, just like we do.
  4. Because you have the power to inspire students to get excited about verbs, too. (When the planets are aligned.)
  5. Because you stay up late grading papers, often for students who may not have cared enough to stay up into the wee hours doing the homework themselves.
  6. Because you understand the true importance of teaching about culture.
  7. Because you are not only a teacher, but also a mentor.
  8. Because you refer to your students as “my kids,” and sometimes go through your students’ names before finally landing on your own children’s names when calling to them in the store.
  9. Because you TEACH.
  10. … (what would you add? Why do you appreciate your colleagues?)
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