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The new school year is upon us, and many teachers and students are still learning the ropes of teaching and learning in a fully remote or hybrid environment. One of the main challenges facing teachers is finding new ways to engage their students and help them stay focused outside of the classroom.

It is important to remember that every interaction with your students is an opportunity to help guide them on the path to success. Students new to remote learning environments need a variety of tools and support to flourish in this new setting. Here is a list of ten things your students can do to improve their ability to study from home:

  1. Remind your students to manage their inbox, and to check for messages from their teachers throughout the day.
  2. Create a daily schedule, including breaks for meals, phone calls, and time to stretch or go outdoors.
  3. Create an at-home workspace with a comfortable chair. Try to avoid clutter, as it distracts the mind!
  4. Refrain from multitasking; turn off your phone and/or social media during dedicated study time.
  5. Set boundaries: Let those in your household know you are in study mode.

Students have to communicate with their peers and teachers

  1. Eat well and drink plenty of water.
  2. If you are feeling lost in your coursework, contact your teacher for help. They are there to keep you on track.
  3. If you are feeling sad or lonely, reach out to a friend or adult for help.
  4. Move your body and make sure to exercise at least once a day. Walking, running, biking, anything—just get out and enjoy the fresh air!
  5. Remember to communicate with your peers and teachers. It’s important not to isolate yourself when learning in a remote environment.

Listen to the Best Practices for Remote Teaching Webinar Part 4 recording for more ways to support your students during remote learning!

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