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The Importance of Earth Day

Earth Day is considered the largest civic observance in the world. Because of this day, more and more people each year are recognizing the need to address environmental issues on not just a yearly basis but also in their everyday lives. One of the biggest impacts Earth Day has had is making more people aware of global warming and changing weather patterns. Many scientists claim this is occurring due to increased levels of toxins in the air from gasoline, coal, and other substances that affect the air and water. This then affects the water, amount of sunlight received, and precipitation, thus affecting the weather. Events like those organized by the Earth Day Network and other organizations around the world help bring this important issue to light.

In addition, Earth Day helps to bring issues like food shortage due to dying or damaged crops and rising fuel prices, to the forefront. Certain daily practices, like recycling, energy conservation, and water conservation, can also be highlighted thanks to Earth Day. People can learn what they can do in their own daily lives and in their communities to help protect our planet. In addition, people can learn how to respect and care for nature. Events can be planned, for example, to help take care of plants and trees, and even grow new ones. This will increase oxygen levels and build respect for animal and insect life cycles so they can continue to aid in the production of foliage.

However, Earth Day not only influences individuals but also companies from making changes to their everyday lives to help take care of our planet. For example, companies can encourage and promote public or shared transportation, like carpooling, to reduce pollution. They can turn off or turn down air conditioners after hours or use alternative heating methods in the winter. Employees can be encouraged to do more work electronically rather than to use paper and print items. In addition, companies can use different lighting and light bulbs that use less energy. Some companies are directly involved with helping the environment. For example, car companies are manufacturing and selling more hybrid and electric cars that do not need petrol or diesel fuel to run.

Even the smallest of actions, whether it’s to plant a tree every year, switch off lights and appliances when they’re not in use, or use recyclable bags when grocery shopping can make a difference. Thanks to Earth Day, these kinds of practices are explained and encouraged every year. As you can see, since it’s inception, Earth Day has had a strong impact on the way people view and take care of the Earth. Each year, the number of people participating in Earth Day grows larger. At this rate, it will continue to be one of the most important holidays now and for future generations.

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