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Nurturing the Roots of Student Engagement with Inclusive Teaching Practices 

February 29 – 3:30 PM ET

Explore the potential of inclusive teaching practices to foster student engagement and success in the language classroom. This interactive session will provide a toolkit of strategies, resources, and learning activities, that faculty can use to create supportive and engaging learning communities.

Presenter: Kate Grovergrys, Spanish Professor at Madison Area Technical College. 

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Two-part webinar series: AI as an Ally

This webinar series will offer a roadmap for educators to integrate AI in a manner that complements and enhances the human expertise that is critical to language learning. Join us to explore the symbiosis of AI innovation with human creativity, and to chart the future of language education in an AI-augmented world.

Part 1: AI as an Ally: Elevating our teaching with AI 

March 14 – 3:30 PM ET

How can we as language instructors leverage the power of AI to support and enhance our teaching? How can AI assist us with time-consuming tasks and serve as a catalyst for innovation? In this first session, we explore the intersection of AI and language teaching, identifying how AI tools can supplement and expand our pedagogical repertoire. We will outline strategies for leveraging AI to support and enhance language instruction, and demonstrate how these technologies can be aligned with the human qualities that define our craft. Attendees will leave equipped with the ability to integrate AI into their teaching in a way that is both innovative and uniquely human.


  • Kate Grovergrys, Spanish Professor at Madison Area Technical College.
  • Lauren Rosen, Director, University of Wisconsin Collaborative Language Program.
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Part 2: AI as an Ally: Enhancing the Student Learning Experience

March 21 – 3:30 PM ET 

What role can AI play in fostering deeper engagement and understanding in our language courses? Could AI be the key to unlocking a new level of interactivity and immersion in language studies? How can AI personalize the language-learning journey for each student? In the second session of our series, we will delve into the power of AI to enhance and personalize the student learning experience. We will showcase how AI tools can act as a bridge in language learning, providing tools and resources that adapt to the diverse needs of students. Our goal is to empower educators with strategies for implementing AI that not only meet diverse educational needs but also foster a culture of inclusivity and engagement in language courses. We will explore how AI can support differentiated learning while preserving the essential human aspects of communication and interaction. Participants will gain insights into how AI can be a personalized learning partner, transforming the educational landscape for language learners.

*Created with thought partner assistance from ChatGPT 4.


  • Kate Grovergrys, Spanish Professor at Madison Area Technical College.
  • Lauren Rosen, Director, University of Wisconsin Collaborative Language Program.
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Enhancing Language Learning with Real-World Content

April 4 – 3:30 PM ET 

Are you seeking effective ways to incorporate current and relevant cultural content into your courses? Do you find it challenging to find the time to engage students with curated contemporary videos and news articles in the target language? Have you considered how you can integrate culture seamlessly into your curriculum? Discover the transformative power of News & Cultural Updates in the Supersite—a dynamic tool that will enrich your teaching and the student learning experience with culturally immersive content. Discover these benefits:

  • Save time! Streamline your lesson planning with ready-to-use pre/during/post activities.
  • Engage students with current cultural content! Bring real-world context into your classroom with the latest news and cultural insights.
  • Promote interactive and differentiated learning! Encourage active engagement with current videos and articles in the target language.
  • Foster intercultural competency! Develop critical thinking and intercultural communication skills through guided cultural comparisons and discussions.

Join us for a webinar where you will learn to leverage these features to their full potential, ensuring your students not only learn a new language but also gain valuable cultural insights that will last a lifetime. Do not miss the opportunity to transform your classroom into a vibrant space of cultural discovery and exchange. 


  • Devon W. Hanahan, Spanish Teacher and Basic Spanish Language Program Coordinator at College of Charleston.
  • Stephanie Langston, Senior Lecturer of Spanish at Georgia State University Perimeter College.
  • Cris Sparks-Early,  Assistant Professor of Spanish at Northern Virginia Community College.

Moderator: Kate Grovergrys, Spanish Professor at Madison Area Technical College.

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Advocacy Panel – Focus on success stories and tentacularity 

April 11 – 3:30 PM ET

We invite you to join Dennis Looney in conversation with Christi Garst-Santos, South Dakota State University, and Araceli Hernández-Laroche, University of South Carolina Upstate, to explore strategies of tentacularity for language programs and departments. Learn how faculty members at South Dakota State University, finding themselves in a newly-merged mega-unit, the School of American and Global Studies, took advantage of their unique position to promote the study of language across disciplines. Learn how faculty members at the University of South Carolina Upstate created the Centro Latino with three fundamental pillars–Latinx Interdisciplinary Studies, the Public Humanities, Translation and Community Interpreting–that contribute to the promotion of languages on campus and in the community beyond campus. How can you design your courses to strengthen the language(s) you teach? How can you do it working inside your department and working beyond it?


  • Dennis Looney, Former Director at Modern Language Association
  • Christi Garst-Santos, Director and Associate Professor of Spanish.
  • Araceli Hernández-Laroche, Professor of Modern Languages and Founding Director of South Carolina Centro Latino.
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