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20 Spanish Words and Phrases to Use to Talk about FIFA World Cup Soccer

Spring and summer are soccer season or, rather, the season for ¡el fútbol! While soccer is not known for having the most U.S. fans, it is, by far, the most popular sport the world over, including in Spanish-speaking countries, where they consider the sport to be a matter of vida or muerte! The following list of Spanish words and phrases will help you talk about el fútbol with all the FIFA fans in your life!


  1. el/la futbolista (soccer player)
  2. el/la árbitro/a (referee)
  3. los aficionados (fans)
  4. el/la entrenedor/a (coach)


  1. el pito (whistle)
  2. la tarjeta amarilla/roja (yellow/red card)
  3. la cancha/el campo (field)
  4. el balón (ball)


  1. un cabezazo (header)
  2. el saque inicial (the kickoff)
  3. un pase (pass)
  4. la falta (foul)


  1. el/la portero/a (goal keeper)
  2. el/la atacante (forward)
  3. el/la defensor/a (defender)
  4. el/la mediocampista (midfielder)


  1. ¡Gooooollll! (Goal!)
  2. ¡No fue falta! (That wasn’t a foul!)
  3. ¡Sácalo! (Get it out!)
  4. ¡Lánzalo! (Kick it!)


By Kelli Drummer-Avendano


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