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Talking About Ice Cream en Français

Just like most food in France, ice cream is taken very seriously. Unlike American ice cream, French ice cream is made with eggs, giving it a luxurious and custardy texture. Now that summer is here, it’s a perfect time to enjoy la glace, as it’s called in the francophone world. The following words and phrases will help you talk about different ice cream types, flavors, and descriptions, all while practicing your French!


Types of ice cream
  1. Creme glacée literally means “iced cream” and must include fresh cream in its elaboration.
  2. Glace fermière is farmhouse ice cream, which in France means a professional farmer has produced it on their farm or in a workshop.
  3. Glace végétale is what we call vegan ice cream. All the animal proteins (milk, eggs) have been replaced with vegetable proteins.
  4. Sorbet may not technically be ice cream, but it’s still popular as a cold treat. In France, a sorbet doesn’t contain any fat; only water, sugar, and fruit.


Ice cream flavors
  1. à la vanille (vanilla)
  2. au chocolat (chocolate)
  3. à la pistache (pistachio)
  4. à la noisette (hazelnut)
  5. au citron (lemon)
  6. au café (coffee)
  7. à la cerise (cherry)
  8. aux pépites de chocolat (chocolate chip)


  1. froide (cold)
  2. crémeuse (creamy)
  3. fruitée (fruity)
  4. sucré (sweet)
  5. C’est délicieuse glace! (It’s delicious ice cream!)


By Kelli Drummer-Avendano


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