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Authentic Spanish Novels for Tweens and Teens by Award-Winning Authors

Our new releases from Norma:

El océano interior  (The Inner Ocean) de Juan José Cavero

The Inner Ocean tells the story of Miguel, a boy whose passion for the sea leads him to embark on a brig for the first time at the tender age of nine. Two years later, after a shipwreck, he decides to undertake a new, even riskier voyage: on a whaling ship. Awaiting him is a path of many lessons and thrilling adventures on the high seas, including an encounter with the dreaded leviathan.


Soldados en la lluvia  (Soldiers in the Rain) de Toño Malpica

This novel follows two orphaned siblings as they struggle to care for themselves and their ailing grandfather amidst the turmoil of the Mexican Revolution. When a stranger they believe to be The Devil knocks on their door, the children negotiate for their grandfather’s life in exchange for food and shelter. A story of tragedy and hope with an unexpected ending.

Oro salvaje (Wild Gold) de Janina Pérez de la Iglesia

Gold fever has spread throughout California and the town of Shining is no exception. Its inhabitants risk it all to become rich, while at the same time the cholera epidemic worsens. Billy Cannon is digging for Captain Cook’s legendary red gold like everyone else, but is also moving closer to the woman he loves. To find gold, he will set off on a great adventure that will turn his life upside down. A thrilling read that captures the feelings and emotions of an era.

Padres ajenos (Not Quite My Parents) de Julia Mercedes Castilla

Marisol grew up in a small town raised by her grandmother and surrounded by nature, friends, and animals. Now she must rejoin her parents in Santiago, where they moved when she was an infant in search of a better life. But after all these years, her parents feel foreign to her. This story, which resonates with many in the Latin American community, is good for group readings and discussions about discrimination, family relationships, and courage.

La asombrosa historia del Viajero de las Estrellas (The Amazing Story of the Star Traveler) de Jordi Sierra i Fabra

When a famous Dutch pirate is captured by the Spanish navy and brought to trial, he is sentenced to death. But before his execution, the pirate is allowed one last request: to tell everyone in the court room the story of his life—a surprising journey that started at the bottom of the ocean and ended in outer space. A fantastic epic tale by prolific author, Jordi Sierra i Fabra.

Foto Estudio Corazón (Photo Studio Heart) de María Fernanda Heredia

Agustín, a shy twelve-year-old boy in the town of Heart, falls in love with a fifteen-year-old girl he has only seen in a picture. His best friend, Clara, warns him against falling in love with a photo, but Agustín doesn’t listen and tries to conquer the heart of his beloved by writing her love letters under the pseudonym “Chameleon.” He has no idea of the surprise in store for him. A funny and tender love story.

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