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Celebrating Chinese and Spanish Language Days in the Classroom

April is a time to honor world languages, with Chinese Language Day celebrated on April 20 and Spanish Language Day on April 23. There are more than a billion Chinese speakers and over 490 million Spanish speakers, together making up almost a quarter of the entire world population. Here are some ideas for celebrating these two influential languages in the classroom:


Chinese Language Day

  1. Language Games

Language games are engaging and interactive, making them perfect for students of all ages. Try playing a matching game to learn Chinese characters. You could also teach the class a few basic commands, such as sit down, stand up, and raise your hand, in order to play the game Simon Says in small groups or as a whole class activity.

  1. Calligraphy

Scholars believe that Chinese was written for the first time in 2650 BCE by Canjie. Inform students about the history of the Chinese language through calligraphy by having them practice writing Chinese characters with brush pens.

  1. Cooking Class Language Exchange

If possible, arrange for a visit from a native Chinese speaker. Besides allowing students to practice conversational phrases, the guest could teach the class a simple Chinese dish. Using prepared ingredients, students could learn how to make spring rolls or dumplings, for example.


Spanish Language Day

  1. Spanish Movie Day

Most students enjoy watching a movie as a special activity. You can take advantage of Spanish Language Day to show a Spanish-language film appropriate for the age group. Animated movies that students are already familiar with are wonderful options. Afterward, discuss the plot, characters, and themes in Spanish.

  1. Language Scavenger Hunt

Get students out of their seats and moving with a scavenger hunt! Write clues in Spanish that lead students around the classroom or, if possible, the school. This activity reinforces vocabulary, comprehension skills, and adds an element of excitement to the festivities.

  1. Celebrate with Music and Dance

Nothing makes a celebration like some good music, so why not play some Spanish music in the classroom for Spanish Language Day? You can also teach students basic dance moves like salsa or flamenco.


By Kelli Drummer-Avendano


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