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Figures of the Hispanic World: Getting to Know “The Liberator”

By- Erika Semprun

Do you enjoy learning about history and iconic figures? This week we’ll be discussing a paramount figure in Latin America, known as a lover of liberty. Eager to find out who we’re referring to? Keep reading to learn more!

Get to Know Simón Bolívar by Edna Iturralde

Simón Bolívar is referred to as “The Liberator” because he freed an enormous territory, which today is a large part of Latin America, from the Spanish. During that difficult journey, Bolívar’s most trusted companions were his two best friends: his horse, White Pigeon, and his dog, Snow. In this amazing tale of Bolívar’s expedition, readers will follow a charming and educative narrative, while learning some interesting facts.

Get to Know Simón Bolívar, another pick from the Figures of the Hispanic World Collection can be described as both delightful and informative. The story’s narrators, White Pigeon and Snow, give the tale an enjoyable and refreshing twist.

Get to Know Simón Bolívar is a quick and easy-to-follow read, yet thorough and compelling at the same time. The book is unquestionably great for children, students, or even teachers and parents.

Pick up your very own copy to learn more about Simón Bolívar! Don’t know how? For more information on this pick, you can call 1-800-269-6311. For students:, educators:

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