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By- Erika Semprun

Hello teachers! This week, we’re discussing five ideal places to relax with a book. Whether you’re in the mood to soak up some sun or you prefer to hang out indoors, Vista Higher Learning has you covered.


If you enjoy being indoors and like a snack with your book, consider checking out a local café. A cozy café is a great place to lounge around with a current read. There’s coffee, tea, and delicious baked goods. Another plus? Some shops even offer sitting areas near their fireplaces.


If you’re looking to get some fresh air and want to take advantage of your city’s weather, take a trip to the community park. Most parks offer seating areas with benches and chairs. But if this isn’t the case, take a quilt or blanket and hang out under the trees.


Do you own a hammock? Not in the mood to leave the house? Set up shop in your yard for a relaxing time. This isn’t just great for reading. Hanging out in the hammock is perfect for binging your favorite show, getting work done, or even chatting with family and friends.

4-Beach or Pool

If the sun is shining and you’re eager to catch some rays, head over to the beach/pool with your current read. There’s nothing like unwinding on the shore or de-stressing poolside. Water between your toes, a book in hand… Sound like paradise?

5-Train or Plane

Are you commuting to work or going on vacation? Bring a book along. Reading on a long trip is an excellent way to take advantage of your time. So pick up a novel, set your mind at ease, and dive into a new adventure.

Know of other ideal places to get some reading done? Chat with us on social media!

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