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Five Bookstores to Visit in New York City

By- Erika Semprun

There are hundreds of things to do in New York City all year-round—and especially when summer makes its way into the city. Aside from picnics at the park and trips to Coney Island, NYC offers plenty of events for book lovers: panels, author readings, and book signings. Whether you’re looking to browse or add events to your calendar, there are dozens of activities to choose from. Today we’ve compiled a list of five bookstores that are a must-see for any reader.

Strand: It’s no surprise that Strand is #1 on our list. This eighty-year-old institution is one of the oldest indie bookstores in the U.S, and it just became a city Landmark. The store offers readers eighteen miles of books as well as book-related knick-knacks: pins, notebooks, magnets, t-shirts, tote bags, and just about everything else a reader could want. Strand sells the newest releases, but there’s also an immensely large section of used and rare books. And we can’t forget about the wonderful events the store offers throughout the year: author panels, book signings, and even readings. Whether you’re looking to browse, buy a stack, or even sell your own books, Strand is a great place to go. Instagram: @strandbookstore

Books are Magic: Books are Magic may be in Brooklyn, but there’s no way we could leave this out of our list. When author Emma Straub learned that BookCourt would be closing its doors, she decided to give her neighborhood a new store: Books are Magic. This wonderful bookstore offers readers a variety of books—romance, mystery, science fiction, memoirs, classics, and everything in between. The most amazing part? The shop offers book events almost every night. Follow them on social media or check out their website to stay up to date on all their bookish events. Instagram: @booksaremagicbk

The Mysterious Bookshop: If you love a good whodunnit, or are looking to be on the edge of your seat, take a trip to The Mysterious Bookshop—the greatest and oldest bookshop in the world dedicated to “mystery fiction and all its subgenres: detective, crime, hardboiled, thrillers, espionage, and suspense.” The store sells new releases, but also offers plenty of rare and used books, as well as signed copies. Like Strand and Books are Magic, The Mysterious Bookshop hosts a large number of author and book events as well. Instagram: @themysteriousbookshop

Book Culture: A beloved institution in New York, Book Culture has four locations from Manhattan to Queens. The stores offer an immense selection of fiction and nonfiction, as well as a wide variety of children’s literature. In addition to its wide selection, the owners make sure to host a wide variety of events. This is a must-visit for any book lover. Instagram: @bookculture

McNally Jackson: One of the busiest bookstores in NYC, McNally Jackson offers customers novels, indie magazines, AND a built-in café. The two-floor bookshop is known for its excellent selection of diverse reading material. This is the perfect shop for readers looking to browse, read, and get a coffee in between. Instagram: @mcnallyjackson


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