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Four Ways to Prepare for the Upcoming School Year

By- Erika Semprun

Although the fall semester is a month away, it’s never too early to start preparing. Getting back into the rhythm of studying can be difficult, but we’ve got a couple of tips that’ll make your transition easier!

#1- Invest in an agenda or calendar: Writing down your pending tasks is a great way to get organized! Often, students don’t complete assignments or study because they forget, struggle with time management, or panic over responsibilities. With upcoming due dates on hand, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to get everything done!

#2- Slowly get back into your school routine: Don’t wait until the last night of summer to try to go to bed at a reasonable time—it won’t work! Instead, start setting your alarm a couple of days before classes start. This way, your body will get back into the groove of going to bed and waking up early. Come the first day of school, you’ll be well rested and ready to try your best!

#3- Pick up a packet of flash cards: The first exam of the year can be stressful and difficult; you just don’t know what to expect. Because of this, knowing the material like the back of your hand is extremely important. What better way to study than with a packet of flash cards? It may be cliché for some, but flash cards truly are a magnificent study tool! While you may feel confident with the material, you can’t be 100% sure until you’ve tested your knowledge!

#4- Go for a grocery run: The start of a new semester means a new class schedule. For students who take multiple classes back-to-back, this can mean long hours at school, college, or university. For this reason, it’s essential to have healthy treats on hand. You might not have the chance to get a proper meal for some time, and snacks are a great backup! Instead of spending your money on worthless food like chips or chocolate bars, hit the grocery store and pick up some foods that are more likely to satisfy your hunger. Nuts, fruits, and protein bars are easy to carry around and quite filling!

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