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National Learn a Foreign Language Month is the ideal time to celebrate globalization, languages and the benefits of learning a new language. 

Learning a new language brings a host of professional and cultural benefits, which undoubtedly leads to personal growth for anyone. 

Do you know why language learning has become so important? Keep reading this article! 

During a hiring process, many criteria are used to rank candidates.  The one that is gaining more and more importance concerns the level of foreign language skills.

Mastering both English and Spanish, or French, Italian or German, among other languages, can be a real career booster. In addition, it will open up the field of possibilities when job searching.

Learning a new language nurtures critical thinking 

Learning a foreign language is a time-consuming activity. In fact, it is estimated that it takes an average of 7 months (or 575 hours of learning) to master the basics of a new language.

Therefore, if you master one (or several) languages, you will demonstrate an ability to be patient and persistent. These two qualities are highly sought after today, especially in the professional world, due to their scarcity in a society that seeks to live in “real time”.

By learning a language, you will also develop your critical spirit. Indeed, learning a foreign language is not only about mastering vocabulary lists and grammar or conjugation rules, but also about discovering the way of thinking, the specific way of seeing the world and, above all, other cultures.

This is a very rich intellectual contribution. In fact, we make objective judgments about the cultures around us. Learning a foreign language means opening up to new cultures and looking at others with new and more tolerant eyes.

Just like opening up to new cultures, learning a foreign language will allow you to travel more easily. In fact, you will be able to discover the world on your own. 

If you don’t like organized trips and prefer to get off the beaten track, learning a foreign language will be your best ally. It will give you the opportunity to communicate directly with the local residents and fully discover the culture of the country you are visiting. 

Are you ready to start learning a language during National Learn a Foreign Language Month?!


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