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New Authentic Spanish Titles for Teens


Elsa Bornemann

Amorcitos Sub-14
(Young Love)GL 9-12

Divided into three parts, this book of verses, rhymes, letters, and even electronic messages, tells the feelings of joy and sadness that young love provoke. Childhood sweethearts, first kisses, platonic loves, and the first breakup are captured in these poems. Finally, a sweet, innocent book about first romance, perfect for young romantics.

El último loboDavid Martín del Campo
El último lobo
(The Last Wolf)GL 6-12

Upon finishing elementary school, Diana Soler receives the best gift her mother can give her, a bright red bicycle. As of this moment, she traverses the paths in the forest with the Wild Sisterhood, and together they make a startling discovery that will change their lives. The author offers us a modern-day version of The Man from Iztac, the original title of the book. A story of adventure and respect for nature that will surprise readers with its relevance.

Asombro del Nuevo MundoFelipe Garrido
Asombro del Nuevo Mundo
(The Surprise of the New World)GL 6-12

Through testimonials of explorers and chroniclers from the 15th and 16th century, this anthology recreates the surprise that the conquistadors felt upon encountering enormous plants, shocking animals like manatees and sharks, islands, territories, and mysterious customs in the New World. A tour through the meeting of two cultures through the eyes of the protagonists.

El círculo de la suerteAndrea Ferrari
El círculo de la suerte
(The Circle of Luck)GL 9-12

Does good luck exist? Or is it all a matter of probability? Isabel and Nicolás are neighbors and they sometimes walk to school together. One morning, Isabel wears her grandmother’s bracelet which, according to her, brings good luck. The precious object gets lost, and then begins a tour around the most diverse and endearing people in the neighborhood. Everyone’s lives change as they have their “stroke of luck.” The dynamic prose, the abundant dialogue, and the descriptions of the characters round out a novel that, with its multiple storylines, captures readers with its plot.

El camino de Sherlock
Andrea Ferrari

El camino de Sherlock
(Sherlock’s Path)GL 6-12

Francisco Méndez is fourteen years old, with an extraordinary intelligence and a passion: Sherlock Holmes books. Not only does he know more than anyone about the famous detective, but he reasons like him. His relative’s hope that his brilliance will make him famous, but those expectations overwhelm Francisco. On the other hand, the mysterious killings of three women from his neighborhood test him and take him down a fascinating path. Without a doubt, this novel will entertain readers with the challenge that both police cases and personal conflicts entail.

Historia sobre un corazón rotoM.B. Brozon
Historia sobre un corazón roto…
y tal vez un par de colmillos

(The Story of a Broken Heart…
and Maybe a Pair of Fangs)GL 6-12

Sebastián can’t sleep because his new neighbors’ dog won’t stop barking at night. This is the best excuse he has to meet his neighbor, with whom he is hopelessly in love. Nadia is strange and mysterious; in fact, his friend Pedro is sure that she is a vampire. But none of this matters to Sebastián, who is determined to confess his love for her. So between pranks and nearly heroic acts, Sebastián discovers the distance that too often lies between dreams and reality. Considering the freshness of the narration and the nearness of Sebastian’s experiences and readers’ lives, it doesn’t surprise us that this is our most popular novel written by M. B. Bronzon.


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