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Norma’s Buenas Noches Collection: Three Delightful Picture Books for Toddlers

By- Erika Semprun

Looking for the perfect summer read to share with your little ones? Norma has dozens of colorful, magical tales that are ideal for nap time or soaking up the sun poolside! Keep reading to learn about three phenomenal works in Norma’s Buenas Noches Collection.

#1- ¡Ay, cómo pincha! by Kook Jiseung

Most children are afraid of visiting the doctor’s office, but no child is as scared as Simon. To overcome his fears, Simon travels deep into his imagination and comes up with some clever ideas … First, Simon becomes a lion. But lions are too strong to need medicine. Then, he decides to become a turtle. But turtles are too slow to go to the doctors. Then, he becomes an alligator. And suddenly, his skin is too thick for vaccines.

Will Simon’s wacky ideas and wandering imagination get him through this doctor’s appointment? Pick up a copy of ¡Ay, cómo pincha! to see Simon overcome his biggest fear!

#2- Cuando el elefante camina by Keiko Kasza

When the elephant stumbles into the forest, he gives the mighty bear a giant scare. When the bear runs into hiding, he frightens the crocodile, who takes a great leap into the river. The elephant’s walk into the woods has begun a chain reaction … and all the animals in the forest are startled.

Who will scare the elephant out of the forest? Pick up a copy of Cuando el elefante camina to read this playful, good-humored tale!

#3- ¿Qué hace la gata por las noches? by Katrin Wiehle  

While Lucho goes to school and hangs out with friends, his kitty cat naps the day away. But when Lucho falls into deep slumber, his cat sneaks out in search of adventure! A great tale that introduces young children to poetry, ¿Qué hace la gata por las noches? is charming and beautifully illustrated.

Eager to uncover what your pet does in the late hours of the night? Pick up a copy of Wiehle’s ¿Qué hace la gata por las noches? today!

For lesson plans, resources, and more information on the full Buenas Noches collection, visit or Norma site.

To learn more about these titles, contact us at 800-245-8584 or at

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