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Two Enchanting Tales for All Readers (ages 4+)

By- Erika Semprun

#1- El susto de los fantasmas by Alma Flor Ada

One late Halloween night, there’s a terrifying storm. Two ghosts find themselves in the midst of it. Scared, they seek shelter in the unlikeliest of places.

#2- No voy a leer este libro by Cece Meng

This young boy has many excuses for not reading this book. Because if there is anything he does NOT want to do, it’s read this story. There’s no point in convincing him. He won’t read it even if “you string him upside down,” or “hang him over a cliff!” What could possibly change his mind?

El susto de los fantasmas and No voy a leer este libro, two of Loqueleo’s most heartfelt stories, are popular for their charming illustrations and enchanting story lines. While the plots are different, there’s no doubt that the anecdotes were written to delight their readers. Despite both picks being written for children 4+, these entertaining narrations are great to share with children, adolescents, and even adults!

Looking for a darling story to share with your children or students? Pick up a copy of El susto de los fantasmas or No voy a leer este libro!

No voy a leer este libro by Cece Meng is part of the A+ Spanish Poetry Kit. To learn more about these titles, contact us at 800-245-8584 or at

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