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Vista Higher Learning is a proud sponsor of several initiatives to unite, educate, and inspire educators nationwide and raise awareness on various essential causes as we shape the future of language education together.  


October is an extraordinary month that holds immense significance for advocacy and raising awareness of the importance of learning a language. 


October 04 – We are starting the month with a Professional Development Webinar hosted by Dr. Dennis Looney – Tentacularity: Strengthening Your Program by Extending It Beyond the Department.

Language programs need to be tentacular to survive and thrive. They need to be configured to reach out beyond prescribed institutional boundaries to connect with other entities–other programs, other departments, other schools across campus, as well as other people and places beyond campus.


October 16 – We are proud sponsors of the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (NCLIS) Advocacy Action Day  

Join JNCL-NCLIS leadership for this one-day, in-person world language education advocacy and networking event October 16 in Washington, DC! During this event, JNCL-NCLIS official delegates and members will attend advocacy trainings and meet with federal legislators on Capitol Hill to garner support for and advance one piece of language education legislation.


October 23 – We will release this year’s unique project with JNCL-NCLIS called Elevating Language Learning, where students with a language in their career path will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with multilingual leaders from across the country, highlighting what being multilingual has allowed them to learn and achieve. 

Elevating Language Learning” follows the series of JNCL-NCLIS interviews we sponsored last year called Language at the Intersection. During these interviews, professionals from all walks of life explain how language at some point intersected with their careers and opened a new world of opportunities. 

 Stay tuned for the release of the webinar registration, the new interviews with students, and more in our following newsletter!


Read also: JNCL-NCLIS Language at the Intersection Series



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