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Three Reasons to Give Thanks This Holiday

By- Erika Semprun

Ever struggled to see the bright side of a tough situation? This month, Vista Higher Learning Pre-K-12 is discussing three reasons to be thankful for this holiday.

Family: For most people, the family is a great blessing. But keeping a close bond with family can still be tough sometimes, especially if disagreements are common. This holiday, remember that although family may be difficult to deal with at times, life wouldn’t be as great without it.

Hardship: While many have experienced the darkness in the struggle, there’s no doubt that there’s still light in tough times. While it’s true that hardships test character, afterward, most people feel stronger than they did before. This month, reflect on the struggles you faced this year and keep in mind that obstacles often make you more resilient.

Friendship: What better holiday to give thanks for your loved ones and friends than Thanksgiving? Use this time of year not only to reflect on how much their love and support mean to you but also to show them. This holiday, remind others how much they mean to you through acts of kindness.

Do you have other reasons to be grateful for this holiday? Share your thoughts with us on social media, and check out Spanish Classroom for more holiday content!


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