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Three Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Classroom

By- Erika Semprun

November is here, and what better way to prepare for Thanksgiving than to incorporate fun, educational, and festive activities in the classroom? Eager to find creative ways of teaching your students about the upcoming holiday? Santillana’s got you covered!

#1- Weekly Gratitude Journal Entries
A great and educational way to celebrate Thanksgiving is by incorporating journal reflections. Each week of November, teachers can assign “Gratitude Prompts,” asking the students to write about someone they’re thankful for. This exercise is not only celebratory, but it also helps students develop their writing.

#2- Thanksgiving Trivia
Another marvelous way to celebrate this fan-favorite holiday is by holding a Thanksgiving Trivia game for the students. This would not only encourage them to study, but it’d also be a wonderful way for them to learn. And let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy a little competition?

#3- Thanksgiving Reenactment: Learning about the Pilgrims
One of the best ways to learn about and celebrate the upcoming holiday is by organizing a reenactment of the notable day. This hands-on method allows students to play various roles and have a blast while doing so. Who wouldn’t want to dress up and have a delicious meal?

Enjoyed these three ideas? Check out Spanish Classroom for more upcoming holiday inspiration!


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