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Two Charming Reads for Lovers of Literature

By- Erika Semprun

Do you, your children, or students find great enjoyment in literature? What better way to embrace that than by picking up magical tales about the written word. Here are some stand-out picks!

The Brothers Who Harvested Fairy Tales (Los hermanos que cosechaban cuentos de hadas) by Edna Iturralde

Twin brothers Luis and José travel around a fascinating fantasy world where they meet famous figures found in well-known fairytales. Do the names Snow White, Cinderella, and Hansel and Gretel ring any bells? The boys are on a mission to discover why these popular stories depict stepmothers as evil villains. But there’s a problemthey must uncover the answers before all the sand makes its way to the bottom of the hourglass.


The Word Rebellion (La rebellion de las palabras) by Andrea Ferrari

How do you celebrate your favorite soccer team scoring a goal without using the letter “o”? This is what Marcio Clum has to figure out the day he discovers he is suffering the “wrath of words.” Marcio is the first member of his family to show signs of this strange illness—one in which words rebel and have a mind of their own.

Both The Brothers Who Harvested Fairy Tales and The Word Rebellion pay tribute to literature and the written word through charm and, in some cases, witty humor. These stories are not only beautifully written, but they’re also creative and immensely entertaining. These picks are sure to put a smile on the faces of readers all over the world.

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