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Two Vibrant Picks from Renowned Brazilian Author Ana Maria Machado

By- Erika Semprun

Ana Maria Machado, one of the most renowned children’s authors in fiction, is popular for her variety of stories. Whether you’re looking for a comical read or an inspirational tale, Machado has written the book for you. Today, we’re sharing two of our favorite Machado picks…

Un montón de unicornios  (A Bunch of Unicorns)

The administrator of the building prohibits pets, and the children are not taking it well. They’re bored, lonely, and absolutely devastated. Then suddenly, something strange happens—unicorns begin to appear. Sometimes, one is found roaming alone. Other days, they are found in groups. In time, there are dozens and dozens of these magnificent creatures hanging around the neighborhood. What could possibly go wrong?

Un buen coro (A Good Choir)

The king wants to sleep, so he forbids people from singing in his kingdom. But there’s a bit of a problem. The people love to sing. Slowly, the villagers unite, assembling a choir and heading to the palace. Will the king be furious, or will he find himself singing along?

Whether you want to escape into a magical world or you’re looking for an uplifting tale, Ana Maria Machado has the story for you.

In A Mountain of Unicorns, one of Machado’s most popular stories, readers can expect to be humored, enchanted, and entertained. Despite this, A Mountain of Unicorns is much more than a fiction tale. Machado’s narrative serves to remind readers how powerful and important the imagination is.

A Good Choir teaches audiences about persistence, community, and most importantly, that it is of paramount importance to stand up against unjust laws. A Good Choir is entertaining and heartwarming—but it is also so much more. Machado’s tale reminds us to use our voice and make sure it’s heard, no matter what.

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