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Throughout the fall, we covered a range of important topics aimed at enhancing language programs and providing valuable resources for our faculty. The webinars offered fresh insights and practical strategies that can significantly influence teaching practices and language programs. The three webinars we hosted were:

Webinar 1: Tentacularity: Strengthening Your Program by Extending It beyond the Department

In this session, Dr. Dennis Looney explored innovative approaches to program development and the benefits of extending language learning experiences beyond the confines of the department. We discussed strategies to foster interdisciplinary collaborations and create meaningful connections with other areas of study.

Webinar 2: Current Issues in Programs and Placement for Heritage Spanish Speakers

During this session, Dr. Kim Potowski delved into the challenges and opportunities present in programs and placement for Heritage Spanish speakers. We considered how to create inclusive learning environments, address linguistic diversity, and support the unique linguistic backgrounds of our heritage students.

Webinar 3: Transforming Student Language Experiences with High Impact Practices

In this webinar, Dr. Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco explored various high-impact practices that can transform students’ language learning experiences. We discussed experiential learning, undergraduate research opportunities, service learning, and other approaches that can significantly enhance the acquisition and application of language skills.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our guest speakers who graciously shared their expertise and experiences during these webinars. Their contributions greatly enriched our discussions and fostered a collaborative learning environment.

Let us continue to prioritize professional development and actively engage with these webinars as we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of language education. By staying informed and implementing innovative approaches, we can create exceptional learning experiences for our students and further strengthen our language programs.

Thank you once again to all the attendees for your active participation and enthusiasm. We look forward to continuing the conversation and exploring new avenues in language education.

If you were unable to attend any of these webinars, we encourage you to watch them on demand by visiting our Professional Webinar Series Channel. 


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