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Who Was … ? Collection



Roberta Edwards

¿Quién fue el rey Tut?

(Who Was King Tut?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-422-7

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical -HISTORY /Ancient /Egypt

Ever since Howard Carter uncovered King Tutankhamen’s tomb in 1922, the young pharaoh has become a symbol of the wealth and mystery of ancient Egypt. This entertaining biography is complete with 100 black-and white illustrations and explains the life and times of this ancient Egyptian ruler, covering the story of the tomb’s discovery, as well as myths and so-called mummy curses.


Sydelle Kramer

¿Quién fue Fernando de Magallanes?

(Who Was Ferdinand Magellan?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-426-5

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical -HISTORY / Expeditions & Discoveries

When Portuguese sailor Ferdinand Magellan set sail from Spain in 1519, he believed he could get to the Spice Islands by sailing west through or around the New World. He was right, but what he didn’t know was that the treacherous voyage would take him three years and cost him his life. Drawings and a time line enhance understanding.


Yona Zeldis McDonough

¿Quién fue Harriet Tubman?

(Who Was Harriet Tubman?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-423-4

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / United States / Civil War /People & Places / African American

Born a slave in Maryland, Harriet knew first-hand what it meant to be someone’s property; she was whipped by owners and almost killed by an overseer. It was from other field hands that she first heard about the Underground Railroad, which she traveled by herself north to Philadelphia. Throughout her long life (she died at ninety-two) and long after the Civil War brought an end to slavery, this amazing woman was proof of what just one person can do.


April Jones Prince

¿Quién fue Mark Twain?

(Who Was Mark Twain?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-424-1

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / Literary

A humorist, narrator, and social observer, Mark Twain is unsurpassed in American literature. Best known as the author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, not unlike his protagonist, Huck, has a restless spirit. He found adventure prospecting for silver in Nevada, navigating steamboats down the Mississippi, and making people laugh around the world. But Twain also had a serious streak and decried racism and injustice. His fascinating life is captured candidly in this enjoyable biography.


Dennis Brindell Fradin

¿Quién fue Tomás Jefferson?

(Who Was Thomas Jefferson?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-425-8

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / United States / Colonial & Revolutionary Periods

Did you know that John Adams had to coax Thomas Jefferson into writing the Declaration of Independence? It’s true. The shy Virginia statesman refused at first, but then went on to author one of our nation’s most important and inspiring documents. The third U.S. president, Jefferson was also an architect, inventor, musician, farmer, and-what is certainly the most troubling aspect of his life-a slave owner. Finally, here’s a biography for kids that unveils the many facets of this founding father’s remarkable and complicated life.


Jess Brallier

¿Quién fue Albert Einstein?

(Who Was Albert Einstein?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-427-2

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / Science & Technology

Everyone has heard of Albert Einstein-but what exactly did he do? How much do kids really know about Albert Einstein besides the funny hair and genius label? For instance, do they know that he was expelled from school as a kid? Finally, here’s the story of Albert Einstein’s life, told in a fun, engaging way that clearly explores the world he lived in and changed.


Dennis Brindell Fradin

¿Quién fue Benjamín Franklin?

(Who Was Benjamin Franklin?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-428-9

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / United States / Colonial & Revolutionary Periods

Ben Franklin was the scientist who, with the help of a kite, discovered that lightning is electricity. He was also a statesman, an inventor, a printer, and an author-a man of such amazingly varied talents that some people claimed he had magical powers! Full of all the details kids will want to know, the true story of Benjamin Franklin is by turns sad and funny, but always honest and awe-inspiring.


Ann Abramson

¿Quién fue Ana Frank?

(Who Was Anne Frank?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-429-6

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / Holocaust

In her amazing diary, Anne Frank revealed the challenges and dreams common for any young girl. But Hitler brought her childhood to an end and forced her and her family into hiding. Who Was Anne Frank? looks closely at Anne’s life before the secret annex, what life was like in hiding, and the legacy of her diary. Black-and-white illustrations including maps and diagrams provide historical and visual reference in an easy-to-read biography written in a way that is appropriate and accessible for younger readers.


Kate Boehm Jerome

¿Quién fue Amelia Earhart?

(Who Was Amelia Earhart?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-431-9

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Women / Historical / Technology / Aeronautics

Amelia Earhart was a woman of many “firsts.” In 1932, she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1935, she also became the first woman to fly across the Pacific. From her early years to her mysterious 1937 disappearance while attempting a flight around the world, readers will find Amelia Earhart’s life a fascinating story.


Tui T. Sutherland

¿Quién fue Harry Houdini?

(Who Was Harry Houdini?)

ISBN: 978-1-60396-430-2

BISAC: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Biography & Autobiography / Historical / Performing Arts

Every kid has heard of Harry Houdini, the famous magician who could escape from handcuffs, jail cells, and locked trunks. But do they know that the ever-ambitious and adventurous Houdini was also a famous movie star and the first pilot to fly a plane in Australia? This well-told biography is full of the details of Houdini’s life that kids will really want to know about and illustrated throughout with beautiful black-and-white line drawings.


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