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4 Ways Song Lyrics Can Improve Speaking Skills

Listening to target-language music is a popular way to improve comprehension skills. It might be surprising to learn, however, that it can also help you hone your speaking abilities. Song lyrics are not just words to be understood, but also tools for better communication. Here are four ways song lyrics can improve your speaking skills:


  1. Memorization will always have a place in language learning, but memorizing a list of vocabulary words doesn’t necessarily help you communicate in the target language. Listening to music in the target language and memorizing lyrics can improve your speaking skills because it’s easier to recall information when it’s paired with a melody or rhythm.


  1. Making a connection to culture will always be important in any form of communication. Song lyrics can help with that aspect by teaching idiomatic expressions or popular sayings you can include in your conversations, even at the beginner level.


  1. Pronunciation can be a struggle for new language learners, regardless of how much you study. Listening to music and singing along with the lyrics is a way you can practice making the correct sounds. Additionally, listening to a native speaker sing while you read the lyrics helps you pair pronunciation with the corresponding letter or character combinations.


  1. The repetition of phrases is prevalent in most songs across all languages. This repetition doesn’t just aid comprehension, it also improves verbal communication. Learners can repeat a string of words that articulate a thought beyond a simple vocabulary list. These more complex phrases assist non-native speakers because they allow for a more natural flow of ideas and connectivity.


By Kelli Drummer-Avendano


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