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A Guide to Celebrating Easter in the Classroom

By- Erika Semprun

Easter may be a chocolate-filled holiday, but it’s about much more than egg hunts and candy. Today, Vista Higher Learning is discussing how to keep the holiday fun while also making it educational.

1. Use drawings and poems to educate

Many students know that Easter is about more than collecting eggs and finding treats; the holiday is especially important in Christian denominations. But despite this, it’s important to keep a neutral lesson plan, as not all students may identify with one religion. Instead, create a lesson around the tale of the “Easter Bunny.” Use drawings, poems, and short stories to explain how the narrative was born and how it has developed over the decades.

2. Celebrate with a story

Another great way to celebrate Easter with students is by sharing a story that illustrates the holiday. There are dozens of great books on the market, including Loqueleo’s Mother Rabbit’s Surprise by Alma Flor Ada.

In this story, Mother Rabbit’s eight little bunnies go on a quest to help her with her Easter egg decorations. Their objective is to collect as many eggs from various birds as possible. Ada’s story is both heartwarming and educational.

3. Scavenger hunt

What’s better than a traditional Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt? Instead of hiding eggs around the classroom at random, however, instead create an educational scavenger hunt. Place clues around the classroom that pertain to current lessons in subjects such as math, history, and science. With the help of these clues, students should be able to find the hidden eggs.

4. Arts and crafts

Another fun idea to share with students is an arts and crafts session with paint, chalk, and eggs. The activity is exciting and it allows students to dive into their creativity.

Did you enjoy these activity ideas? Share your Easter plans with us on social media!


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