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Authentic Spanish Mysteries, Legends, & Humor for Middle Grade Readers

Our new releases from Norma:

El misterio del hombre que desapareció  / The Mystery of the Man Who Disappeared

Author: María Isabel Molina

Fernando lives with his uncles and cousins in the small town of Zarzuela de los Barros, where almost everyone is a farmer, a beekeeper, or a hunter. The best hunter in the region is Bienvenido, an affable man who entertains children with stories and jokes. One day, Bienvenido’s wife announces that her husband has disappeared—but how could he have disappeared without a trace? It won’t be easy for Fernando (and the whole town) to solve this mystery.

Los meteoritos odiaban a los dinosaurios / Meteorites Hated Dinosaurs

Author: Jorge Accame

A flight attendant that bothers the passengers; a boy in love with chard; a chivalrous man who lives in an elevator; a man that never makes it on time to his appointments. Where does one story end and the next one begin? These are some of the characters that populate this collection of hilarious, nonsensical stories. Warning: readers may laugh out loud.

El misterio del mayordomo / The Mystery of the Butler

Author: Norma Huidobro

Curious Thomas goes to spend a few days at an old mansion where a mystery awaits: Where is the previous butler? Thomas remembers him vividly, but the cook and the housekeeper act as if the man had never even existed! When Camila arrives, Thomas finds the partner he needs to begin the investigation. An exciting story that will introduce young readers to the detective genre.

El misterio de la casa verde / The Mystery of the Green House

Author: Norma Huidobro

Who lives in the strange, vine-covered house at the heart of Parque Chas, the labyrinthine neighborhood in Buenos Aires? What happens inside the house? These questions will lead Curious Thomas to a new and exciting adventure. A novel by established children’s author, Norma Huidobro, this clever detective story invites readers to pay close attention to the details.

Leyendas de nuestra AméricaLegends from Our America

Author: Ute Bergdolt de Walschburger

This volume gathers twenty-three legends from eleven Latin American countries. Rooted in the oral tradition, these tales reflect on the indigenous people’s traditions and beliefs before and after the Spanish conquest. These fascinating legends help us understand the many different points of view of these civilizations that span the American continent. A good book about Latin America’s identity; these narratives invite theatrical interpretation.

Los SuperfósforosThe Super Matches

Author: Antonio Santa Ana

The Del Pino twins live quiet lives in their quiet, little town. But when José B. Llano arrives with an evil plan to destroy humankind, the twins must focus their talent and energy to fight the villain. And the heroes known as the Super Matches were born! A hilarious tale that engages and surprises the reader.

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