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Four Movies to Share with Students this Valentine’s Day

By- Erika Semprun

Although February 14 is often celebrated with a special someone in mind, Valentine’s Day is actually a wonderful day to celebrate friendship. Today, we bring you some fan-favorite movies to share with students. These Disney classics are not only fun and hilarious, they’re also great tools for teaching children about the value of friendship.

#1- Toy Story

Andy’s toys live a happy life—that is, until Andy brings home space ranger Buzz Lightyear. With a new toy in town, Andy’s most loyal companion, Woody, becomes afraid of losing his place in Andy’s heart. Soon, he’s plotting ways to keep Andy away from Buzz. But when a mishap occurs and Woody and Buzz find themselves far away from home, they must join forces to find their way back. This Pixar favorite shows viewers that appearances aren’t always what they seem, and that sometimes, we find the best friendships in the unlikeliest of ways.

#2- Peter Pan

In this beautiful story of friendship, siblings Wendy, John, and Michael Darling are amazed when a magical boy named Peter Pan appears in their bedroom. He and his companion, Tinkerbell, describe a fun-filled place called Neverland—a place where children don’t have to grow up. Completely captivated, the Darlings follow him back. But when they encounter trouble, the kids realize that life back home isn’t so bad after all.

#3- Finding Nemo

In this humor-filled film, an overly protective father clownfish named Marlin is separated from his son, Nemo, in the Great Barrier Reef. Frustrated and desperate to find his son, Marlin embarks on an adventure across the oceans with an unlikely companion—a forgetful and comical fish named Dory. Marlin and Dory come face-to-face with danger in the hopes of reuniting with Nemo, while the young fish—eager to return home—comes up with a few plans of his own.

#4- Monsters, Inc.

The great James P. “Sully” Sullivan and his one-eyed assistant Mike Wazowski work at Monsters, Inc., a celebrated and popular scream-processing factory. In this realm, monsters thrive on the screams of children spooked by the creepy creatures lurking in the shadows. But one day, when Sully and Mike are followed back into their world by a little human girl, the monsters find themselves banished from their home and forced into hers. Through this unique story, viewers come to learn that the best friendships are forged when we least expect them.

Like these picks? Tell us which movies you’ll be sharing with your students and children on Valentine’s Day. For similar content, stay tuned to Spanish Classroom.

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