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By- Erika Semprun

Looking for some fun and festive Valentine’s Day activities to share with your children or students? Today, we bring you some enjoyable and teacher-approved ideas.

Festive Poster Contest

Have you ever heard of the Valentine’s Day door-decorating contest? Well, Vista Higher Learning is bringing you a twist. This poster contest takes less time and is just as fun.
Group your students in teams and provide them with supplies to make a unique, love-themed poster. While all posters will be hung up around the class for the month of February, only one group will win.
By giving the children few or no guidelines, you’re allowing them to express themselves and exercise their creativity. This activity also teaches students to work in teams and to do so diligently.

Valentine’s Day Journal Prompt

Another festive activity to share with students is to assign a love-themed prompt in the English/Writing portion of the class. The prompt can be focused on family, friendship, or loved ones in general and can be created by each educator. This exercise allows students to practice their writing and critical thinking skills with a topic they’re comfortable/familiar with.

Hot Potato with a Twist

A different, exciting, and festive activity that children love is Valentine’s Day-themed “Hot Potato.” Just like in the traditional game, students sit in a circle and toss around an item as a song or tune is playing. The person holding the item when the song is paused is out. Usually, this game is played with a ball or bean bag. In this version, students play with a heart-shaped toy or other item related to the holiday.

Love-themed Story Time

An activity loved by most children, young readers, and bookworms is story time. On February 14, educators can read stories related to friendship, love, and other topics associated with the holiday. Nonreaders may enjoy this holiday-themed story time a bit more than if it was just the usual tale.

Cookie Decorating

One of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re a kid is to indulge in sweets. Because this activity includes cookies that are baked and ready to decorate, bigger messes are avoided. Remember—cookie decorating is not only delicious, but it’s also fun and creative.

Have other fun V-Day ideas? Let us know on social media!


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