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By- Erika Semprun

National Poetry Month is here, and what better time to reflect on why this genre is widely celebrated? Today, we are discussing why poetry is important.

1. Poetry is good for development

Writing, speaking, and understanding can all be developed through reading, especially poetry. This genre relies heavily on the use and meaning of every word. Thus, one word in a phrase can change a sentence’s entire meaning. Also, writing poetry is different from writing for other genres. Learning these differences gives writers and readers a wider appreciation for different types of literature. Additionally, poetry also helps develop speaking skills, as poetry usually features beats, rhythms, and rhymes that help those who read out loud distinguish diverse sounds and pronunciations.

2. Poetry helps improve ideas

Poetry is a great tool for those who struggle with writer’s block. This genre sparks ideas and allows readers to think in a multitude of ways and see the world from other perspectives.

3. Poetry helps readers understand the world

Many people believe that a foundational problem of the world is people’s inability to understand and coexist with one another. While this cannot simply be solved by picking up a book or looking at a piece of art, it’s important to understand that literature and art allow individuals to see what another person is feeling and thinking. Poetry, which is specially designed to evoke intense emotion, allows individuals a glimpse inside the minds and emotions of others. Because of this, it can be a great tool to increase a person’s understanding of the world.

4. Poetry helps readers understand themselves

Just like poetry helps readers understand others, it also helps readers understand themselves. Sometimes people feel lonely, misunderstood, or even hurt. Writers of poetry vent their feelings and thoughts on paper for their own sake, but to also make sure that readers know they’re not alone. Poetry also allows people to uncover feelings and thoughts they didn’t know they had.

No matter the writer or author, picking up a work of poetry is always a great idea. Did you enjoy this piece on National Poetry Month? Check out the blog for similar content.


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