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Getting a head start on next school year

Ten weeks of no school in the summer may seem like a long time, but the new school year will be here before you know it. Every teacher knows that the week or two before and after the start of school are the most hectic. It’s never too early for teachers and schools to start preparing for that first day.

Throughout the summer, teachers can spend time exploring sites like Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers to start brainstorming ideas for bulletin boards, first day and week lessons, and thematic projects. Drawing a diagram of how you’d want to set up your classroom and finding lists of decorative posters and other items will save lots of time before the start of the year as well.

In addition, teachers should be on the lookout for coupons and sales at local educational stores or department stores like Target and Walmart for deals on materials for the classroom. Sometimes, these stores offer teachers who can show a valid ID or contract a discount when purchasing items. Teachers may also want to view or establish accounts on sites like Adopt-a-Classroom or Classwish where items can be donated to help teachers and students get the books and materials they need to have a successful year.

Once teachers have their room assignments and student lists, they can spend time filling out name plates, organizing grade books, or labeling other items with students’ names. They can also make sure they have the correct number of books, workbooks, and supplies for each student.

Furthermore, it’s a good idea for teachers to stay in contact with other teachers so that they can share ideas that worked, and those that weren’t as successful, last school year. This way, teachers can find ways to collaborate on potential grade-level projects and better prepare lessons for the upcoming year.

 The more that teachers prepare before the first day of school, the less stressful the start of school will be.

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