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Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall: Our Favorite Amber Brown Adventures

Amber Brown, Paula Danzinger’s most beloved character, is silly and brilliant. Check out our favorite Amber Brown stories as we accompany her on vacation and a great day of school!

What a Trip, Amber Brown (¡Qué viaje, Ámbar Dorado!) by Paula Danzinger

Friends Amber and Justin are going on a trip together! But there’s one small thing bothering Amber—Justin’s younger brother, Danny, always tags along to play. Even when Amber and Justin want to explore on their own, Danny never seems to leave… Will Amber find a way to make the best of this situation? Find out as she and Justin hang on the tire swing, take a dip in the pool, discover a tree house, and go camping for the first time!

Second Grade Rules, Amber Brown (Segundo grado es increíble, Ámbar Dorado) by Paula Danzinger

Amber Brown thinks that second-grade rules, but then one day, her teacher makes an impossible request—to keep her desk clean. Amber is sure that she can’t follow this rule; she has trouble keeping her room clean at home. But because she desperately wants the desk fairy, Deskarina, to leave her a treat on her desk, Amber is having second thoughts. She never cared enough to clean any other messes, but now that a prize is at stake, she just might…

What a Trip and Second Grade Rules are two five-star picks that are essential reads for children in reading level three! Amber Brown is a comical, confident, and strong girl whose stories are perfect for young children attending elementary school. Amber’s bold personality will have kids, parents, and teachers laughing as they accompany her on her latest adventure. Her charming stories are sure to both entertain and move readers. There’s no question that Paula Danzinger’s writing and Tony Ross’ illustrations make the perfect combination. In fact, Amber Brown might just be the most captivating series in children’s literature.

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